Neuchâtel Xamax FCS

Association football club in Switzerland

Football club

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Neuchâtel Xamax
Full name Neuchâtel Xamax Football Club Serrières
Nickname(s) Xamax
Founded 1912; 112 years ago (1912)
Ground Stade de la Maladière,
Capacity 12,000
Owner Vincent Binggeli
Chairman Christian Binggeli
Manager Uli Forte
League Swiss Challenge League
2022–23 10th of 10
Website Club website
Chart of the table positions of Neuchâtel Xamax FCS and its previous incarnations in the Swiss football league system
Stade de la Maladière
Gilbert Gress, championship winning coach of the 1980s.

Neuchâtel Xamax Football Club Serrières or Neuchâtel Xamax FCS (.mw-parser-output .IPA-label-small{font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output .references .IPA-label-small,.mw-parser-output .infobox .IPA-label-small,.mw-parser-output .navbox .IPA-label-small{font-size:100%}pronounced [nøʃɑtɛl ksamaks]) is a Swiss football club based in Neuchâtel. It was created in 1970 through a merger between FC Cantonal, founded in 1906 and Swiss champions of 1916, and FC Xamax founded in 1912. The name Xamax comes from legendary Swiss international player ‘Xam’ Max Abegglen, one of the founding members.[1] Xamax Neuchâtel FCS obtained its current name after a merger with FC Serrières, another side from Neuchâtel, in May 2013.[2]


Students at the Collège latin in Neuchâtel began playing organized football in 1910. Soon after, in 1912, Neuchâtel Xamax was officially founded.[3]

They have been champions of Switzerland on two occasions, in successive years in 1987 and 1988.[4] The club has also made it to 5 Swiss Cup finals, the most recent in 2011, but have failed to win any of them.[4]

After many financial crises, the club declared bankruptcy on 26 January 2012 and was consequently excluded from Swiss Super League.[5] The club was reformed, but had to restart in the Swiss amateur leagues, entering the 2. Liga Interregional, the fifth tier of the Swiss football league system, for the 2012–13 season.[6] The club finished first in 2013 and was promoted to the 1. Liga Classic for 2013–14. Once again, Xamax finished first, winning the play-off to secure a second successive promotion. Xamax won 1. Liga Promotion, the third tier of Swiss league system was and promoted to the Challenge League after having a third successive promotion in 2014–15 season.[4]

The club finally won promotion back to the Swiss Super League in 2018, marking the end of a 6-year absence from the top flight of Swiss football.[7]


The club plays its home matches at the Stade de la Maladière, which began construction in 2004 and was opened in 2007. It has a capacity of 12,500 spectators.[8]

Current squad[edit]

As of 14 February 2024[9]

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Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK France FRA Théo Guivarch
3 DF Germany GER Alexander Winkler
4 DF Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH Sead Hajrović
5 DF Sweden SWE Mirza Mujčić
6 MF Switzerland SUI Fabio Saiz
7 MF Slovenia SVN Kenan Fatkič
8 MF Switzerland SUI Izer Aliu
10 MF Italy ITA Danilo Del Toro
11 FW Switzerland SUI Simone Rapp
13 DF Switzerland SUI Zachary Athekame (on loan from Young Boys)
15 DF Switzerland SUI Yoan Epitaux
17 FW Ivory Coast CIV Soumaila Bakayoko
18 FW Switzerland SUI Jessé Hautier (on loan from Yverdon)
19 DF Switzerland SUI Ashvin Balaruban
No. Pos. Nation Player
20 DF Democratic Republic of the Congo COD Fabrice Nsakala
21 MF Switzerland SUI Mats Hammerich
22 FW France FRA Zachary Hadji (on loan from Lausanne Ouchy)
23 MF Switzerland SUI Sébastien Moulin
24 FW France FRA Salim Ben Seghir (on loan from Marseille)
26 GK Switzerland SUI Benjamin Roth
27 FW Switzerland SUI Angelo Campos
29 MF France FRA Lucas Marin
44 GK Switzerland SUI Ysias Hummel
70 MF Switzerland SUI Dominik Schwizer (on loan from Lausanne-Sport)
71 DF Ivory Coast CIV Brillani Soro
72 DF Switzerland SUI Adam Ouattara
77 MF Kosovo KOS Eris Abedini

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
DF Kosovo KOS Egzon Rexhaj (at Bulle until 30 June 2024)
MF Switzerland SUI Kenzo Ganaj (at Bavois until 30 June 2024)
No. Pos. Nation Player
FW Switzerland SUI Ange Dakouri (at Bavois until 30 June 2024)

Notable players[edit]

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Central African Republic
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Saudi Arabia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
West Germany



Former coaches[edit]

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European record[edit]

Season Competition Round Opponents Home Away Aggregate
1981–82 UEFA Cup 1R Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague 4–0 2–3 6–3
2R Sweden Malmö 1–0 1–0 2–0
3R Portugal Sporting CP 1–0 0–0 1–0
QF West Germany Hamburg 0–0 2–3 2–3
1984–85 UEFA Cup 1R Greece Olympiacos 2–2 0–1 2–3
1985–86 UEFA Cup 1R Romania Sportul Studențesc 3–0 4–4 7–4
2R Bulgaria Lokomotiv Sofia 0–0 1–1 1–1 (a)
3R Scotland Dundee United 3–1 1–2 4–3
QF Spain Real Madrid 2–0 0–3 2–3
1986–87 UEFA Cup 1R Denmark Lyngby 2–0 3–1 5–1
2R Netherlands Groningen 1–1 0–0 1–1 (a)
1987–88 European Cup 1R Finland Kuusysi 5–0 1–2 6–2
2R Germany Bayern Munich 2–1 0–2 2–3
1988–89 European Cup 1R Greece Larissa 2–1 1–2 3–3 (3–0 PSO)
2R Turkey Galatasaray 3–0 0–5 3–5
1990–91 European Cup Winners’ Cup 1R Portugal Estrela de Amadora 1–1 1–1 2–2 (3–4 PSO)
1991–92 UEFA Cup 1R Malta Floriana 2–0 0–0 2–0
2R Scotland Celtic 5–1 0–1 5–2
3R Spain Real Madrid 1–0 0–4 1–4
1992–93 UEFA Cup 1R Denmark BK Frem 2–2 1–4 3–6
1995–96 UEFA Cup QR Serbia and Montenegro Red Star Belgrade 0–0 1–0 1–0
1R Italy Roma 1–1 0–4 1–4
1996–97 UEFA Cup QR Cyprus Anorthosis Famagusta 4–0 2–1 6–1
1R Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv 2–1 0–0 2–1
2R Sweden Helsingborg 1–1 0–2 1–3
1997–98 UEFA Cup Q1 Moldova Tiligul-Tiras Tiraspol 7–0 3–1 10–1
Q2 Norway Viking 3–0 1–2 4–2
1R Italy Inter Milan 0–2 0–2 0–4
2003–04 UEFA Cup QR Malta Valletta 2–0 2–0 4–0
1R France Auxerre 0–1 0–1 0–2


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